Dear Sydney, an open letter to you

Oh Sydney, I think we have done here for now.
We came a long way together, but as per every love story, this is our end.

It’s been six years, oh how time has flown by so fast. We first met on my twenty-something birthday, do you remember? When I’ve seen you for the first time, I fall for the lights of your tall glassy buildings reflecting into the harbour, admired the business people walking busy and distracted into your streets, and I have appreciated the diversity of culture and how greatly you manage to please everyone.

From that very first day has been a whirlwind of emotions, findings, realizations, an equal amount of stumbles and highs.

Sydney you have given me a lot! You’ve seen me blossom into your streets, have made me more conscious of myself, my skills and potential, you have seen me working relentless towards my goals, but you have also made me felt as lonely as I’ve never been in my whole life. I fall in love into your streets, clubs and restaurants with the relentless of only who loves love can continuously do; you’ve seen my heart broken in pieces, seen me crying my eyes out and then raise again knowing that something and someone great is still out there for me.

I’ve changed houses, jobs and suburbs; I have made and lost friends but never helped this feeling of something’s wrong because the place I’m living in doesn’t feel like home. What I see around your streets, inside your buildings, reflected into your water, doesn’t appear to me to be the same city I’ve fallen for many years ago. I feel empty now, and the people don’t seem that fascinating anymore, your beaches are so devoid of warmth.

I have done it in the past already, and only God knows if and when I will do it again, but it’s now time for me, to pack my bags once again and run away to somewhere beautiful. Take away only myself and the woman deep down, I know I became. Time to leave all the expectations of something that wasn’t meant to be, the anger, the frustration, the kisses, the love and start fresh somewhere I don’t know yet, a new place to discover, new streets to get lost in, full of new people to fall in love with.

Sydney you have given me a lot but our time is done for now. Take care of the people I have met and loved here and please let me go, set my heart free from all this pain and allow me to be happy, truly happy again, somewhere else with someone new. It’s time for me to find the happiness I deserve, talk about nothing with somebody that means something, getting lost admiring the moon.

I’m forever saying yes to life, and it has happily brought me new experiences and made me this better version of myself. Let’s see where it takes me next. I’m sure this goodbye to you Sydney is not going to be forever, deep down I’m sure I will miss you until we meet again.

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