* Get in control of your money;

* Identify your money story and big values;

* Refine your money goals to make them more achievable;

* Draft your personal budget and track your progress;

* Grow your savings account with easy-to-follow budgeting strategies 

+ free audit of your first personal budget draft


"A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went"

Finance 101 for expat in Australia is NOT just another money mindset, finance strategy course you see floating around the internet. It’s a personal, non-judgmental course that will help you go from a frustrated, overwhelmed and overworked money repeller to a more conscious spender and smart saver.

Some personal story details you might relate to

Similar to yours, my money story goes back to when I was a tiny little human, absorbing the world through the lenses of what was "normal" to those who I trusted and learned what to believe from the people around me.

My parents always provided me with all the necessary, and even more at times, but I've seen and heard them talking about money, and I knew all of that comfort was coming with massive sacrifice. How many of you can recognise their own story in those following words:


"We can't afford that now";

"Too expensive";

"Do you have any idea how many hours I'm supposed to work to get that money?"


As a kid, I heard these phrases day in day out and slowly began to formulate a "reality" around what I thought money was. Quick forward to the moment, I will never forget, when I decided purely out of fear and ignorance, to be thrifty. I began to save all the money I received for my birthday or Christmas presents, I started to work in a café during my summer school holidays, and I began to research about personal budgeting on the side of my, at the time already busy, school timetable. And in a couple of years, I turned myself into an obsessive money nerd, and savings oriented individual. And let me tell you, life was exhausting. I've sacrificed so many events, connections and comfort to see that sum of money growing and growing that I've almost forgotten to live my life.

Finance 101 for expat will walk you through all you wish you've been taught in school, how to spend mindfully while saving money all through the planning of a personal budget with template and actionable homework that will make you financially confident. Because improving your savings account doesn't mean having to sacrifice your sanity, health, and relationships. The goal here is not to work more to save more money but to understand where exactly your money goes and how to address some of that money into your savings account in a daily, effortless, smart way.


* To identify your money story and big values;

* How to create money goals using the SMART system;

* How to spend money accordingly to your values and goals;

* How to draft your first personal budget and the strategies to actually follow through with it;

* Few daily budgeting strategies to save money and/or repay your debts quickly and easily;

* How to use tools and spreadsheet to monitor your money and savings;

* All about Superannuation and how to collect it when you're leaving the country;

* Easy ways to earn more money in your spare time;

* Tools to save money or get cashback when you spend online

What's inside:

5 Core Training Modules: that provides you with the basic of personal budgeting and all you wished you've been taught in school. From spending according to your values and goals, save money without big sacrifices and creating an effective but not restricted budget;


Course full pack: 25 lessons to complete at your pace, designed to help you turn information into action;


Worksheets/Templates/Planner: that will help you to visually track your spending habits, savings, debt levels and so much more. Ready to use and fully customizable ($24 value);


Free audit: of your first personal budget draft so that you can proceed through your new money mindset journey feeling more motivated and confident ($47 value);


Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group: to give you a safe, life-long environment to find support, share tools and daily tips to save more money and build relationships with another expat in Australia, just like you.


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